Which adult bibs are specifically designed for eating?

Which adult bibs are specifically designed for eating?

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Are you looking for eating bibs for adults? Then you have come to the right place at SlabEnZo.
In addition to our extensive children's range of bibs, the range for adults is even larger!

With eating bibs for adults you are quickly looking at a combination of comfort, style and functionality. Allowing you to enjoy meals effortlessly, without worrying about spills or stains.


Are you looking for a bib specifically for saliva loss? We have these too, take a look here.

Below we would like to put our bibs in the picture. So that it is clear when looking for the right bib.



Supersized Bibs of Mum2Mum

These supersized bibs, it's in the name, are also really great! It is not without reason that this is our best-selling bib. 
The front of these bibs are made of soft cotton, which immediately absorbs moisture. The back is made of nylon (not PVC), making it 100% waterproof. You can create a collection tray with the press studs at the bottom of this bib.
There are 4 press studs in the neck, so the neck width can be adjusted from small to large.
Available in 9 colors and in a value package.

Mum2Mum Supersized



Standaard Plus Bibs of Mum2Mum

These bibs are the same as the supersized bibs, the same qualities, but a lot shorter. These eating bibs are ideal if you are looking for a functional bib that is not too large. The bib is easy to take with you on the go.
This bib is also available in 9 colors and in a value package.

Standaard Plus Bib



Tabard Pro of Bibetta Care

If you are looking for a bib for an institution, then this bib is ideal. These bibs for adults can be washed at higher temperatures, but the quality remains good. The fabric of this bib is made of neoprene (the same as a wetsuit), making the bibs easy to remove and practically dry from the washing machine. The bottom of this bib can be folded into a collection tray.

Available in 5 sizes and 3 colors, see the Tabard Pro bibs here.

Tabard Pro Bibs



Bibble Dining bib

Our bestseller in bibs for drooling is the Bandana Bibble. How wonderful is it that this topper is now also a bib. The nice thing is that the appearance of the neck is the same, so the absorption of moisture remains great even while eating.
The nice thing about these bibs is that they are 'inconspicuous'. Would you say you are wearing a bib when you see these bibs? This way you can eat outside unnoticed, while you can spill without worrying.

Available in various colors and prints. And also in a more luxurious version of bibs.


Bibble diningbib



Pashmina Scarf Bib from Bibetta Care

"Slab", did you say: "a bib?" Yes, this beautiful silky scarf has all the functions of a bib.
The nice thing is that this scarf bib is inconspicuous and pretends to be a scarf. Available in 8 colours.
100% waterproof and adjustable with a Velcro closure. This bib can also be used as a bib for saliva loss.

Click here for the Pashmina Scarf Bibs.

Pashmina Scarf Bib



Cross Scarf from Bibetta Care

While the Pashmina scarf bib is purchased more by women, this tie is purchased more by men. It is a beautiful and chic bib, also inconspicuous because it is a tie.
This tie also has all the functions that a bib should have. 100% waterproof and the silky soft fabric is extremely comfortable to wear. Attaches with Velcro to the front of the bib.
Can be used both as a eating bib and as a bib for saliva loss.

This cross scarf is available in 4 colors. Click here for the Cross Scarf.


Cross Scarf bib


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